Our family owns Kakkavos Estate since 1870 and has recently decided to expand & revive its cultivating potentials, by using scientific methods, with respect to tradition, the olive trees & the environment.

The farm produces several different kinds of olive oil, as well as olives, fruits & honey.

Green from Greece is included in the very special category of ULTRA PREMIUM EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, is produced only from early harvest olives & only by the best producing oil variety KORONEIKI in a certified dual face olive oil mill located near the groves, using cold extraction 22° C by mechanical means only, unfiltered, immediately after the daily harvest and stored in stainless steel tanks in oxygen free environment.

Product is protected from sunlight, in serially numbered, dark colored certified glass bottle DORICA and released in 500ml & 250ml versions.
We have actual chemical parameters on nutritional label on bottle and final quality test before shipping.

Each bottle of Green from Greece Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a unique serial number. 


We will provide you information about the day of harvest, day of bottling, detailed Chemical analysis at the time of bottling, and the exact map location of the trees that your Olive Oil was produced from.

 The cultivating methods, collection, extraction and standardization, provide Green from Greece the ability to keep all valuable ingredients making it rich in good unsaturated fats, fat soluble vitamins (vitamin E) antioxidants such as polyphenols, rendered to be of great nutritional value in everyday diet.
We would be pleased to hear from you, for further information regarding our product.



 This is green olive oil